16.11.07 to 22.12.07 Beige

CD score for Giulia Mureddu's choreography Beige. Performed by Dansgroep Krisztina de Ch‰tel as part of the 4GO tour. Premiere @ Bellevue, Amsterdam 16.11.07.

12.10.07 & 15.10.07 3A&E

Nate Wooley, Audrey Chen, Robert van Heumen and me. Trumpet, cello, computer and harmonica respectively. A residency at STEIM, including two concerts, @ Steim on the 12th and @ DNK on the 15th.

23+25.06.07 Lysn: Experience #10 - BrystLysn - UK

Hilary Jeffery's drone ensemble. The Cube, Bristol w/ Tom Bugs, Phil Gibbs, Andy Keep and I. Hexagon, Dartington w/ Michael Edwards, Mick Green, Alice Kemp, Matt Lewis, Dave Murphy, Sam Richards, Tim Sayer.

13.05.07 Klein, Busch, Monfort, Cater

Tobias Klein - woodwinds, Stevko Busch - piano, Enric Monfort - percussion, me - harmonica. At U-EX, SJUhuis.

29.04.07 Hilary Jeffery and Seamus Cater

Graphic scores - Spinning People and Snakes and Ladders. Site specific acoustic duo [trombone, harmonica] in the Gibraltar building: Piet Heinkade, Amsterdam. This fine acoustic space is a temporary gallery run by Urban Dew.

15.04.07 Sligter, Vanoli, Cater

Jessica Sligter - voice, electronics, Raphael Vanoli - guitar and effects, me on harmonica and computer. Improvised set in the U-EX series at SJUhuis, Utrecht. Starts 21:00

09.03.07 Open D.I. Night #2

DNK / RRSMCS / Mediamatic. 3 hours of Open DI solos at the Mediamatic Garage Box, SMCS, Amsterdam. Solo one reed harmonica with very simple sampling.

15.02.07 to 13.06.07 Plugged [Tour]:

15.02 Lantaren Venster, Rotterdam; 01-02.03 Kikker, Utrecht; 21.04 European Dance Festival, Limassol, Cyprus; 16.05 Interplay Festival, Torino, Italy; 18-20.05 Melkweg, Amsterdam. Harmonica and computer, etc.

15.01.07 Slide show:

Showing my Travelator series of photos at DNK.

01-02.12.06 Lysn:

Friday at OT301 Amsterdam, Saturday at De Zondvloed Rotterdam. Another line up of Hilary Jeffery's drone band 'Lysn'. I'll be playing harmonicas, nothing digital.

06 and 08.11.06 Chen, van Heumen, Carey, Cater:

Two improvised trio's in one week in Amsterdam, both built around cellist and vocalist Audrey Chen. Monday's concert with Robert van Heumen at DNK Amsterdam, Wednesday's concert with Jeff Carey at STEIM.

03-04.11.06 Plugged:

Live electronics for Guilia Mureddu's choreography Plugged. With Giulia and Keyna Nara. Cadance, The Hague.

13.10.06 Love's Geography: Revisited:

Roddy Schrock will perform my music for this showing at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles.

09.09.06 Hills Not Skyscrapers:

BAM Zaal - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam. Tom Parkinson, Missy Mazzoli and myself. Presented by DNK within the Gaudeamus Festival.

26-28.05.06 Love's Geography: Revisited:

Links Hall, Chicago.

06.04.06 Love's Geography: Revisited:

Within The Anatomical Theatre Revisited. Sara Wookey's choreography based on the text Love's Geography by Peggy Phelan. Live score.

01.04.06 Van Heumen, Cater Duo:

66East, Amsterdam. Laptop duo. Our second show in this tiny but brilliant gallery.

06.03.06 Silo: on tour Extended:

Touring Europe and teaming up with Robert van Heumen and I for a Kraakgeluiden show. Silo are Nate Wooley, Leonel Kaplan and Audrey Chen.

24.02-24.04.06 Wool:

Choreography by Uri Ivgi and Johan Greben. Performed by Norrdans, touring through Sweden. Full CD score.