S e a m u s C a t e r

• a g e n d a •

12.04.24 Seamus Cater and Fredrik Rasten

Occii, Amsterdam. Supporting Eugene Chadbourne.

23.03.24 Seamus Cater and Fredrik Rasten

Intro in Situ, Maastricht

17.03.24 solo

Solo concertina and voice. Traditionals and originals at Mooi series, Kerkje van Ooostum, Groningen.

31.01.24 solo

Solo concertina and voice. Traditionals and originals at Kunstverein, Amsterdam.

18.12.23 A History of Musical Pitch

Premiere of A History of Musical Pitch (Another Timbre 2023). Rijksakademie public programme, Amsterdam. Playing with Anne La Berge (flute), Fredrik Rasten (e-bowed guitar), Sander Breure, Marielle Groven, Koen Nutters, Germaine Sijstermans (tuning forks). Introduction by Tao G. Vrhovec Sambolec.

13.12.23 Auction for Palestine

One song as intemezzo. At Framer Framed, Amsterdam.

09.12.23 solo

Solo concertina and voice. English and Scottish folk songs. With additional solo by Jeroen Kimman. At Isle_Amsterdam.

10.07.23 duo with Fredrik Rasten

Petersburg Art Space, Berlin

2 and 3.06.23 duo with Fredrik Rasten

2nd at Pest House, Amsterdam. 3rd at Pool Sessions, Brussels

17.04.23 new duo with Fredrik Rasten

Concertina, guitar and voices. English and Scottish folk songs and originals. Labor Sonor, Berlin

11.02.23 solo

Solo concertina and voice. English and Scottish folk songs. House show, Tilburg.

16.12.22 solo

Solo concertina and voice. English and Scottish folk songs. Zaal 100, Amsterdam

09.04.22 River Without Banks

Concertina for Leo Svirsky's River Without Banks. Rewire festival, Den Haag.

24-26.03.22 Wandelweiser Budapest

Cater, Kamphuis, Muntag, Sijstermans, Thut. Three concerts at Nyitott Műhely, Budapest.

11.03.22 – 05.06.22 The Analytical Engine

Composition and performance for Kristina Benjocki’s exhibition At sunset we retreat once again, up the hill, to where we can watch the skeins of water reflect colours we've never seen before. IKOB Museum für Zeitgenössische Kunst, Eupen (BE)

03.02.22 Traces of A. J. Ellis - (here.here / Iklectik)

Traces of A. J. Ellis. Concertina (skhismic tuning) and voice. Part of the here.here series. At IKLECTIK, London.

23.10.20 new songs - Seamus Cater

Second showing of a new set of songs with Johnny Chang (viola), Koen Nutters (double bass), Germaine Sijstermans (clarinet). Labor Sonor, Berlin. (CANCELLED)

16-23.09.20 Secrets - release tour

Seamus Cater and Kai Fagaschinski performing the album Secrets.

16th - Pest House, Amsterdam
17th - Goleb, Amsterdam
20th - Cave 12, Geneva. (CANCELLED)
21st - Klang im Dach, Munich. (CANCELLED)
23rd - KM28, Berlin. (CANCELLED)

11.01.20 Traces of A. J. Ellis premiere, The International Nothing, Feldman

Solo performance, first showing of Traces of A. J. Ellis. Concertina (practically just / extended Pythagorean) and voice. Part #1 of Three Nights of Nothing celebrating 20 years of The International Nothing at KM28, Berlin. The International Nothing playing Less Action, Less Excitement, Less Everything and Antonis Anissegos playing Morton Feldman's Palais de Mari.

17.11.19 Boon, Cater, Sijstermans

Trio concert with pieces by Daniel Brandes, Seamus Cater, John Cage, Jürg Frey, Assaf Gidron, Eva-Maria Houben, Germaine Sijstermans. Played by Dante Boon - Rhodes piano, Seamus Cater - concertina, Germaine Sijstermans - clarinet. At DNK Amsterdam

30.07 to 4.08.19 Klangraum 2019

Participant composer and performer. Düsseldorf. Premiere of Tree Space: the trees they do grow high. Klangraum info here

16.06.19 Zeitfenster - Kompositionen für die Säulenhalle Landhaus Solothurn

New piece for DNK Ensemble with Stefan Thut. Solothurn, Switzerland.

13.02.19 KM 28 - Trees, part 1 (arrangement 3)

With Dante Boon (piano), Catherine Lamb (voice and viola), Koen Nutters (double bass) and SC (voice). KM 28, Berlin. As DNK Ensemble.

10.12.18 KC Lab - Trees, part 1 (arrangement 1)

With Daniil Pilchen (piano) and Georgia Denham (voice), SC (voice). Korzo Theater, Den Haag.

28.10.18 Like These Very Walls / Trees, part 1 (arrangement 2)

Performance at Klang im Dach, Munich. With Rasha Ragab (voice) and Christoph Nicolaus (stone harp) and SC (voice).

16.06.18 new songs - Seamus Cater

Presenting a new set of songs with Johnny Chang (viola), Koen Nutters (double bass), Germaine Sijstermans (clarinet). Within DNK Days 2018.

02.06 & 19.07.18 Palace Ruin - Riga Biennial

Curating music program for James Beckett's public artwork Palace Ruin, within Riga International Biennial of Contemporary Art.

25.04.18 Tombstones - Michael Pisaro

Konzert Minimal and DNK Ensemble at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ with Koen Nutters, Johnny Chang, Rishin Singh, Lucio Capece.

01.04.18 3 Ausführende - Manfred Werder

Performed by DNK Ensemble at DNK Days 2018.

17.03.18 atop (2018) - Stefan Thut

Performed by DNK Ensemble with Stefan Thut at DNK Days 2018.

17.02.18 Love among the immortals - Sam Ashley

Text reading with Joseph Kudirka and Koen Nutters at DNK Days 2018 series opening.

13.01.18 Treatise - Cornelius Cardew

DNK Ensemble at W139 for w serves imperialism, with Reinier van Houdt, Koen Nutters and Martijn Tellinga.

5-13.12.17 DNK Ensemble and SCE (and solo) in Japan

5 Dec - Ftarri, Tokyo, DNK Ensemble with Suidobashi Chamber Ensemble
7 Dec - l-e-osaki, Tokyo, singing Taku Sugimoto Songs
8 Dec - Eauuu, Kobe, DNK Ensemble
9 Dec - Art Space Tetra, Fukuoka, DNK Ensemble
13 Dec - Otooto, Tokyo, solo show, w/ Tetuzi Akiyama

09.11.17 Peckinpah Trios (Antoine Beuger)

DNK Ensemble perform Beuger's Peckinpah Trios (original and mumbling version), with Koen Nutters and Martijn Tellinga. Studio Loos, Den Haag.

14.08.17 Simultaneous / Synchronous (song) iii

DNK Ensemble (with Koen Nutters, Martijn Tellinga). Helicopter, Den Haag.

13.08.17 Simultaneous / Synchronous (song) iii

DNK Ensemble (with Koen Nutters, Martijn Tellinga, Taylan Susam). Mediamatic, Amsterdam.

23-30.07.17 Poland Tour with Omega Impact

23 Jul - Szczecin
24 Jul - Białogard
25 Jul - Trzebiatów
26 Jul - Słupsk
27 Jul - Inowrocław
28 Jul - Warszawa
29 Jul - Gorzów Wielkopolski
30 Jul - Belin

Solo shows supporting Omega Impact.

19.07.17 Valkhof Kapel, Nijmegen

Solo show in this historic chapel, within the Valkhof Festival

13.07.17 Simultaneous / Synchronous (song)

Reprise DNK Ensemble (with Koen Nutters) performance. VROOOM, Rotterdam.

06.06.17 Worm, Rotterdam

Solo show, with Pread and Battle Trance.

24.02-01.03.17 TTTYCH - UK tour

Double solo tour with Leo Svirsky. Seamus Cater - concertina and voice, Leo Svirsky - accordion. Howard Skempton - accordion, will join us for the Cafe Oto and Post Paradise shows. Ana Smaragda Lemnaru joins for Post Paradise.

24 Feb - Post Paradise, Birmingham
25 Feb - Cafe Oto, London. With Howard Skempton
26 Feb - Another Timbre, Sheffield
1 Mar - The Coach House, Kemptown, Brighton

09-12.02.17 Amsterdam Wandelweiser Festival

Playing Michael Pisaro's Tombstones with Konzert Minimal; Koen Nutters, Johnny Chang, Rishin Singh, Lucio Capece. Also performing in pieces by Jürg Frey, Antoine Bueger and Manfred Werder.

07.01.17 Casa de Sonny, Antwerp

Solo show

11.11.16 Le Guess Who?

Solo set, with KIng Champion Sounds, Ab Baars and Mrs. Pilgrimm. Utrecht.

08.10.16 Studio Loos, Den Haag

Solo set, with Elizabeth Kelly, Jack Callahan, Maya Verlaak, Ivan Babinchak, Il Hoon Son.

22.09.16 Auxxx

Solo set at Auxxx, OT301, Amsterdam.

10.09.16 Pop Monument

Solo set at PopMonument, Marzkiezenhof, Bergen op Zoom.

28.08-07.10.16 Palace Ruin

Curating music program for James Beckett's public artwork Palace Ruin with Natalia Dominguez Rangel. With The International Nothing, Microtub, YYAA, N.M.O., Cosime, DNK Ensemble, Riley Harmon, VHSUHF.

30.07.16 Mammoth

Reading performance as part of Koen Nutters and Rishin Singh's Mammoth, with Sam Ashley, Heather Frasch and Bea Mcmahon. Kieth Bar, Berlin.

07.07.16 Incubate

Solo set at Park, Tilburg.

30.06.16 De Ruimte

Solo set in Amsterdam.

13.06.16 Labor Sonor

Solo set at Labor Sonor, Berlin. With Stine Janvin Motland and Morten J. Olsen / Tomoni Adachi & Ulrike Brand.

05.06.16 Studio 8

Two sets: Playing songs from TTTYCH. And Simultaneous / Synchronous (song) with Koen Nutters (DNK Ensemble) at Studio 8, Berlin.

28.05.16 Vrooom

Solo set at Vrooom, Rotterdam. With Tetuzi Akiyama & Alan Licht / Kostis Kilymis.

29.02.16 LP release concert

The Three Things You Can Hear, Seamus Cater 2016. LP release on Nearly Not There Records. San Serriffe, Amsterdam.

27.02-25.3.16 Simultaneous / Synchronous (song)

DNK Ensemble performances and installation. Within the Things to Remember (Page Not Found) exhibition. Castrum Perigrini, Amsterdam.

25.02-11.03.16 Dutch concerts

2 solo concerts. Occii Amsterdam 25.02, De Grote Weiver Wormerveer 11.03.

20.02.16 Snakes and Ladders

New DNK Ensemble performance: Snakes and Ladders at Come Closer (Oude Kerk), Amsterdam. Seamus Cater and Koen Nutters, anecdotes and actions.

21.01.16 Beirut CD release party

The Three Things You Can Hear, Seamus Cater 2016. CD release on Annihaya, Beirut, Lebanon.

26-29.11.15 House Ceremony

Music for Riley Harmon's installation House Ceremony at Rijksakademie Open. Seamus Cater, Koen Nutters. Riley Harmon, Gerri Jaeger - Balinese and traditional percussion.

13.11.15 Nearly Not There Records at Offprint Paris

NNTR and DNK Ensemble perform Untitled II at Offprint Paris art publishing fair, Beaux-arts de Paris.

24.10.15 Tombstones

Konzert Minimal and DNK Ensemble performing selections from Michael Pisaro's Tombstones at Pest House, Amsterdam. Seamus Cater - Voice, concertina and Rhodes, Johnny Chang - Viola, Koen Nutters - Upright Bass, Gerri Jaeger - Percussion.

10.09.15 Opening of Nearly Not There Records

Koen Nutters and Seamus Cater perform Anecdotes. At San Serriffe, Amsterdam, for the opening of Amsterdam's newest record shop.

21.08.15 Untitled

DNK Ensemble performance at Oude Kerk. Within Taturo Atzu's rooftop installation The Garden Which is the Nearest to God. Seamus Cater - concertina, sine waves, actions, Koen Nutters - cymbal, sine waves, actions

27 - 31.05.15 Remigare Necesse Est Vivere Non Necesse Est

Pawel Kruk and Seamus Cater. Five days of one on one performances, the culmination of a two month residency at Hotel Maria Kapel, Hoorn.

07.05.15 Solo w/ Pawel Kruk

Live at Elizeum, Warsaw. Seamus will sing and play concertina. Pawel will dance.

30.1 - 1.3.15 Nearly Not There, Ephemeral Spaces, Sounds and Objects

Exhibition curated by Seamus Cater, Koen Nutters and Martijn Tellinga at W139, Amsterdam. With Andre Avelas, Bea McMahon, Sara Campos, Lucio Capece, Seamus Cater, Johnny Chang, DNK-Ensemble, David Helbich, Noem Held, Roderick Hietbrink, Brandon LaBelle, Chris Meighan, Konzert Minimal, Koen Nutters, Morten J. Olsen, Gabriel Paiuk, Rishin Singh, Martijn Tellinga.

15.12.14 Konzert Minimal and DNK Ensemble

Performing Ryoka Akama's PPM Book and Antoine Beuger's Too at Pest House. Seamus Cater - voice, Johnny Chang - viola, Koen Nutters - double bass, Taylan Susam - clarinets.

20.08.14 Berlin solo show w/ guests

Solo and with guests at O Tannenbaum, Berlin. With The International Nothing - clarinets, Johnny Chang - viola, Koen Nutters - double bass.

10.05.14 Three solos at Occii

Lori Goldston / Richard Dawson / Seamus Cater

18.04.14 Vanoli / Cater at SOTU Festival

Duo with Raphael Vanoli, playing accompaniment to Walter Ruttmann's Lichtspiel Opus I (1921). Presented by |Cine|Sonic| at OT301, as part of the SOTU Festival.

31.03.14 The Brothers Grim

First concert of a new duo with Kai Fagaschiski. The Brothers Grim at Labor Sonor, Berlin.

21.03.14 Keerpunt 2, Amsterdam

Solo show

21.02.14 The Title Session, at Goethe Institut

inhale exhale drop, new performance for 16 audience members. For the release of The Title Session. With performances by Miek Zwamborn, Scott Joseph, Uta Eisenreich and Spilt Milk.

09.02.14 Off Off Broadway, Den Haag

Solo set with performances by Duo Takt, Jeromos Kamphuis, Niels Berentsen, Samuel Vriezen, and Leo Svirsky.

29.01.14 Release concert at Butcher's Tears

New 7 inch single: LUNORA (live). Two conjoined sets for concertina and voice, for all instruments and voice. Featuring Han Jacobs and a 'non vocal chorus' of Atashi, Avelas, Barer and McMahon. Concert to include chairs and discounts.

06.11.13 Echokamer #11 at Mediamatic

A set of songs with 'non-vocal chorus' consisting of Mehraneh Atashi, Andre Avelas, Noah Barer and Bea McMahon.

02.11.13 A Set of Bellows - Sara Campos and Han Jacobs

Playing a piece for concertina, cactus and accordion as part of an artwork by Sara Campos and Han Jacobs. Music by Koen Nutters, played by Seamus Cater, Sara Campos and Leo Skirsky.

28.09.13 De Ruimte

Solo set at De Ruimte, Amsterdam 21:00

31.07.13 solo in Berlin

Alchemistic Caberet series at Chalet, Berlin. 21:00. w/ Hilary Jeffery, Jueri Gagarino et al.

22 & 23.06.13 The Inquisitive Musician

Cindy Bernard's comedy at Stedelijk Museum, part of Holland Festival. w/ David Watson, Steve Heather, Thijs van Leer, Alison Isadora, G.W. Sok, David Watson, Felicity Provan, Seamus Cater, Hilary Jeffrey, Frans de Ruiter.

May 2013 Solo Italy tour

8 May - CC57, Ghent
10 May - Arci Blob, Arcore
11 May - Barcson Vecc, San Martino Spino
12 May - Arci Luogo Comune, Cremona
13 May - Tortoise House, Vignola
16 May - Associazione Balena, Bibbiena
17 May - Godot Art Bistrot, Avellino
18 May - Arci Hemingway, Latina
19 May - Forte Fanfulla, Roma
20 May - The Lift Series, Milano

13 & 14.04.12 DNK ensemble / fluxus

Within Another Fluxconcert in Amsterdam (Googleism), the DNK Ensemble (Sara Campos, Seamus Cater, Bea McMahon, Koen Nutters) will perform pieces by George Brecht, Mieko Shiomi, Tomas Schmitt, Alison Knowles, Takehisa Kosugi and Koen Nutters. At NASA.

04.04.13 dj set

w/ Koen Nutters at World Minimal Music Festival, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ.

27.03.13 Performance

Attempting to recreate the atmosphere of an Essex Folk Club at Lost Property, Amsterdam. Part of the Versal's This is not a reading series.

03.03.13 Solo song set

Pest House, Amsterdam. w/ Richard Dawson. Email for details.

17.11.12 DNK Ensemble:

Playing concertina in James Tenney's Form 2, (In memorium John Cage) with the DNK Ensemble at Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ.

27.10.2012 solo song set

Performance at The Novel, Amsterdam. w/ Chris Meighan, Viljam Nybacka and others.

Autumn 2012 Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka

11 September - Muziekgebouw aan t'IJ. w/ Angel Olsen
15 September - Long Players Market, OT301
18 September - Pest House. w/ Meg Baird
22 September - Groninger Museum, for wishfulmusic
30 September - De Compagnie, Veghel
8 November - Cecil Sharp House, London. Folk Rising
1 December - (h)ear Festival #2 "The Art of Sound", Heerlen

19, 20, 25 & 27.7.12 Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka

Two UK concerts and two in Amsterdam
19 & 20 July - Pest House, Amsterdam. w/ Chris Meighan.
25 July - Old Queens Head, Islington. Nest Collective
27 July - Cambridge Folk Festival. Stage = The Den

11.3.12 Reason Swings its Bone

Group exhibition at Pesthouse Editions. With Mark Bain, Maura Biava, Blommers & Schumm, Seamus Cater, Ana Genovés, Mark Hosking, Kirsten Hutsch, Arnout Killian, Damien Meade, Sander Tiedema, Martin Westwood.

5.3.12 The Anecdotes - LP release concert

Release concert for The Anecdotes (available here). Seamus & Viljam play songs from the album. A DNK concert at NIMk. Opens at 19:00, concert at 20:00. Including a screening of Rebecca Sakoun's Monkeyshines No. 4.1.

22.7.11 Landscape for Fire

DNK Ensemble perform a reenactment of Anthony McCall's Landscape for Fire (1972), Westergasfabriek.

13-23.04.11 Seamus & Viljam

13th April - Zebulon, Brooklyn
15th to 23rd April - Recording The Anecdotes with Shahzad Ismaily at 66 Rivington Street. Release expected early 2012.

5.2 - 27.3.11 XV Unidentified Species

Group residency and exhibition with André Avelãs, James Beckett, and Marianne Vierø at Sociedade de Construções Fernandes & Fernandes, a sawmill in central Lisbon. XV Unidentified Species at Gallery Boavista, Rua da Boavista 50, 1200 Lisboa. Open Tues-Sat 15-18:00.

28.11 - 12.12.10 Woody Sullender & Seamus Cater

Electro acoustic banjo & harmonica duo, American tour.

Nov 28th - Zebulon, Brooklyn. w/ Peter Evans
Dec 1st - House Show - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
2nd - Robinwood Concert House, Toledo, Ohio
3rd - LOT (Land Of Tomorrow) Lexington, Kentucky
4th - Protest Heaven, Chicago, Illinois
5th - WLUW radio session, Chicago (w/ Jaime Fennelly)
6th - LOT (Land Of Tomorrow) Louisville, Kentucky
8th - Bowerbird, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
9th - The Cherch - Washington DC
10th - The Bridge, Charlottesville, Virginia
11th - Nightlight, Chapel Hill, North Carolina
12th - The Windup Space, Baltimore, Maryland

29.10 - 14.11.10 Seamus & Viljam

29th October - La CompilOtheque, Brussels
30th - Intersoup, Berlin
1st November- Vortex Club, Siegen
2nd - Le Rubis, Metz
5th - Wolfart, Rotterdam
14th - Budapest, Pesthuislaan, Amsterdam

09.09.10 Seamus & Viljam (& Koen)

At Pest House. w/ The Great Park

02.09.10 Seamus & Viljam

At OT301, Amsterdam. 21:00.

16.07.10 Seamus & Viljam w/ Dead Western.

House show at Pest House, Amsterdam. Seamus & Viljam supporting extraordinary baritone singer Dead Western. Mail me for details.

01.07.10 Pestilence & Joy.

I'm playing harmonica on the new Peeesseye album Pestilence & Joy. Limited edition of 300 vinyl copies.

30 & 31.05.10 The visual evidence of 35 hours common labour.

A performance collaboration with visual artist Edward Janssen. At DNK Amsterdam, SMART Project Space and Toets des Tijds, Werkgebouw Het Veem, Amsterdam.

19.03 - 4.04.10 Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka

Rhodes and drums song duo on the road in England and Finland.

19th - Pest House, Amsterdam - private show
21st - Cosmo Bar, London
23rd - Three Horseshoes, Duton Hill, Essex
24th - Barrel House, Totnes
25th - Hey Manchester! Dulcimer, Manchester
27th - Union House, Todmorden, Yorkshire
28th - The George Tavern, Stepney, London
2nd April - Doo-Bop Club, Vaasa, Finland
4th April - Kutomo, Turku, Finland

08 - 13.03.10 Uncle Woody Sullender & Seamus Cater

Electro acoustic Banjo / harmonica duo European tour.

8th - DNK Amsterdam, Amsterdam
10th - Extrapool, Nijmegen
11th - Les Instants Chavirés, Paris
13th - Staalplaat, Berlin

12 & 14.01.10 Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka

Duo shows at The Pest House (12th) and Mediamatic Bank (16th - 21:00).

12.12.09 - 18:00 Dag in De Branding

Solo song set at Korzo Theater, Den Haag.

27.11.09 - 21:00 Ondebarnet exhibition

Solo song set at Amsterdam's newest squatted arts, music and party space Outpost. Deadwhale, an exhibition of drawings by ondebarnet, some of which were used for the Ambergris EP.

08 - 15.11.09 Brooklyn and Baltimore tour

Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka duo at:

8th - The Charleston, Brooklyn
9th - Zebulon, Brooklyn
10th - The Hexagon, Baltimore
11th - Trophy Bar, Brooklyn
12th - Schoolhouse, Brooklyn
13th - American Folk Art Museum, Manhattan
13th - Douglass Street Music Collective, Brooklyn
15th - Goodbye Blue Monday, Brooklyn

22.10.09 w/ Mike Majkowski

Seamus and Viljam joined by bassist Mike Majkowski for this show at Steim.

17.10.09 Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka

Rhodes and drums song duo show at Le Club Suburbia, Occii. w/ Magik Markers. Doors open 21:30.

14.09.09 The Folk Music, the Whale and the Sea

A performance drawing on the history of whaling and the sea through folk music and the anecdotal texts and writings of A.L. Lloyd, Herman Melville and Bas Jan Ader. Songs, LP's, text and improvisation with Fritz Welch, percussion and voice and Viljam Nybacka, percussion, etc. At DNK.

12.09.09 The Folk Music, the Whale and the Sea

First instance of a performance with Fritz Welch at Argument, Tilburg.

30.05.09 DNK Showcase at The Player

Performing for Alexis (see below for details) as part of the DNK Showcase at The Player, Rotterdam. w/ RnGdS and Raaijmakers' Ping Pong.

20.05.09 Singing at AUXXX

Song portraits of unsung artists, musicians and athletes for Rhodes piano, voice and harmonica. Solo at AUXXX, OT301 Amsterdam. w/ Extra Life.

14.03.09 Beckett book

Singing two songs for James Beckett's book launch at Mediamatic, Amsterdam.

13.03.09 Der Golem

Music for the silent film Der Golem, wie er in die Welt kam (d. Paul Wegener, 1920). Trio w/ Mike Ottink and Brian McKenna (VHSUHF) at the Goethe-Institut, Amsterdam.

12.01.09 for Alexis

Solo performance at DNK. A piece for just tuned harmonica, vinyl LP, Rhodes piano and song dedicated to Alexis Lapointe, Canadian athlete (1860 - 1924).

19.12.08 With Or On

Text reading for the opening of Idan Hayosh's exhibition With Or On at gallery W139, Amsterdam.

01.12.08 Escaping Grey

Music by Woody Sullender and I is being used for Giulia Mureddu's new choreography Escaping Grey. Premiere at Bellevue, Amsterdam.

17.11.08 DNK Ensemble:

Playing harmonica in Antoine Beuger's Meinong nonets with the DNK Ensemble.

05.10.08 Lysn:

Playing with Hilary Jeffery's drone ensemble. w/ HJ, Mark Morse, Rozemarie Heggen and Wim Lots. OT301, 21:00. Supporting Chris Corsano.

30.08.08 Lysn:

Playing retuned harmonicas in Hilary Jeffery's drone ensemble at the ADM de lucht in! Festival.

22 & 23.08.08 Woody Sullender + Seamus Cater

22nd at Atelierhof Kreuzberg, Berlin.
23rd at Alberto Ukebana, Berlin.

17.08.08 The Sunday Service

An evening of avant-country music with two duos in the chapel of SMART Project Space, Amsterdam - 21:30.

Woody Sullender w/ Seamus Cater
Jeroen Kimman w/ Mark Morse.


Solo retuned harmonica piece for the Hakro Massandro festival. In an air traffic control tower in Den Haag.

28.07.08 Woody Sullender + Seamus Cater

Banjo / Harmonica duo with Woody Sullender at Labor Sonor (KuLe), Berlin.

03.07.08 to 13.07.08 Wij

At Over het iJ Festival, Amsterdam, see below.

22.06.08 to 25.06.08 Plugged [in Czech Republic]:

22+23.06 @ Ponec Theatre, Prague; 25.06 @ 29 Theatre, Pardubice. Live harmonica, objects and computer. For Giulia Mureddu's dance performance.

14.06.08 VHSUHF + Seamus Cater

Amplified harmonica with VHSUHF @ DNK, as part of the Post-digital Festival.

22.05.08 to 31.05.08 Wij

Sound design for Roos van Geffen's Wij, an installation theatre piece within a self contained carousel. Premiere - 23rd - Festival a/d Werf, Utrecht.

26.04.08 to 28.04.08 Beige [in the Middle East]:

Giulia Mureddu's choreography performed by Dansgroep Krisztina de Châtel. CD Score. 26.04 @ Al Madina Theater, Beirut, Lebanon. 28.04 & Al Hussein Cultural Center, Amman, Jordan

28.03.08 to 06.04.08 The Little Room Downstairs

Group Exhibition with Servet Kocyigit, Anthea Bush and Sami Kallinen. Photograph set depicting harmonicas and related paraphernalia. Punt WG, Amsterdam.

17.03.08 Woody Sullender + Seamus Cater

Woody plays banjo and I play harmonica for a duo at DNK.

07.03.08 VHSUHF + Seamus Cater

Amplified harmonica with VHSUHF @ Mediamatic, Amsterdam. Part of Brian Mckenna's Canadia: Land of Myths and Media. 20:30 and on.

21.01.08 Open D.I. Night #5 at DNK

Breath Piece: Solo re-tuned harmonica performance. Also appearing; Idan Hayosh, Andre Avelas and Yutaka Hoshino.