S e a m u s C a t e r

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Seamus Cater
A History of Musical Pitch
2023 - at216
Another Timbre

Seamus Cater & Kai Fagaschinski
2019 - GRIM01
Self Release

Seamus Cater
The Three Things You Can Hear
2016 - END013 / NNTR01
Annihaya Records / Nearly Not There Records

Pawel Kruk and Seamus Cater
Remigare Necesse Est Vivere Non Est Necesse
Altanova Press

Seamus Cater
2014 - ANEC02
Anecdotal Records

Seamus Cater & Viljam Nybacka
The Anecdotes
2012 - ANEC01
Anecdotal Records

Uncle Woody Sullender and Seamus Cater
When We Get to Meeting
2010 - DCEO010
dead ceo

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